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ISEC air purifiers provide clean indoor air
that even the most sensitive people can feel good


✔ Health benefits  by producing extremely clean air. The studies have shown that using our air purifiers can effectively reduce symptoms (migraine, asthma and allergies), bacteria and viruses (Coronavirus etc.)

✔ 100% absorption of gaseous exposures by VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

✔ Laminar flow technology is optional feature in Vinha, which makes it ideal to be used in laboratories, clean rooms and operating rooms

✔ The configuration of the filters can be changed according to the customer’s specific purification needs 

✔ Passive effect; does not produce harmful substances or ozone



ISEC air purifiers capture also Coronaviruses 

HEPA filters can capture virtually 100 % of particles of all sizes, including particles of 0.1 μm in diameter, which is also the coronavirus size. Read more >>


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Choose the device according to your cleaning needs


Vire air purifier


For personal use. Developed and designed especially for operating room and clinics.

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Vinha air purifier


Developed and designed especially for operating room and clinics


Kuulas air purifier


Developed and designed especially for hospital offices, waiting room.


Kajo air purifier


Up to 25 kg of activated carbon. Developed and designed especially for hospital offices, waiting room. 




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