Inspector Sec focuses on solving indoor air quality problems. We provide effective and specialised research services in the form of various research packages. We can also provide e.g. air purifiers, ozonisers and tools for examining construction, and maintenance thereof.

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Overall Research of Indoor Environment

“Indoor environment overall research” is the right choice when inhabitants are showing symptoms and you’re unsure of how to start solving the indoor air problem.
Overall research of indoor environment is a comprehensive analysis based on statistical methods, consisting of measuring and research methods tailored for the special needs of the target location. Research process advances in phases via different research packages. The scope, purposes and expenses of each phase are agreed upon with the customer beforehand.

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Indoor air quality damages in control quickly

It is not always possible to immediately conduct the necessary renovations and repair. In these situations, the problematic spaces either have to be abandoned or their security has to be ensured immediately. Therefore, indoor air damages have to be controlled quickly. Health hazards have to be eliminated, exposure minimized and the inhabitants’ feeling of safety restored.
As a solution we offer exceptionally effective indoor air quality damage reduction service with careful tracking and satisfaction guarantee.

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Pressure difference controlled air condition

Are you closing a building due to poor indoor air quality? Don’t do anything hasty before checking other solutions!
Pressure controlled ventilation prevents the contaminants in structures from reaching indoor air, ensures reception of clean replacement air and keeps moisture from gathering in the structure. It’s a safe and inexpensive option for expensive avoidance spaces. Good places for use are e.g. classrooms, kindergartens, office buildings, hospitals and health care centres.


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Research and laboratory activities

Inspector Sec Oy’s indoor air know-how is based on close interdisciplinary research cooperation. Our network consists of medical, microbiology, biochemistry and chemistry professionals, leading researchers in the field and experts on technology and construction. We cooperate with several leading experts in the field and new projects are constantly being developed. The cooperation has been the closest with the Microbiology division of the Department of Food and Environment of the Helsinki University.

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Air purifiers

Harmfully large amounts of particulates are a very serious factor in lowering indoor air quality. An air purifier is a device that recycles air through it, filtering away particulate and gaseous contaminants, and odours. An air purifier is extremely quick at reducing indoor air -based harm and removing harmful substances from indoor air.

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Ozonation and ozonisers

Ozonation is a one-time method for cleansing and freshening indoor air, to be used in conjunction with other methods. Ozonation of indoor air and surfaces can reduce symptoms caused by indoor air significantly, and notably reduce odours. We recommend using strong ozone content and relatively short duration.


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HomeSpy 10

HomeSpy 10 indoor air logger is intended for continuous measuring of indoor environment, and for storing the measurement data for further analysis.

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We carry out various repair, cleaning, and maintenance operations of air purifiers and other devices. Quick, friendly, professional.

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Indoor air online store

From our wide assortment of products, you can find air purifiers equipped with various technologies, ozonisers, tools for structural inspections, and structure driers. The technical specifications and pricing information is available in our online store. Delivery currently available in Finland.